Ruler & Guillotine: 'Off with their edge!'

Like the French revolution this week has been about Rulers and Guillotines. (Oh and of course letting me eat cake)

It’s been an eventful week, my poetry book design for Guillemot Press and Amy McCauley’s exquisite words is tantalising close to completion (I bound a mock up – & I can’t wait for it to be sent to the printers!) I also had another excellent day teaching on the Fashion BA – these students have really impressed me and then to top it all off I’ve started to make my largest book ever, and so the battle of ruler and guillotine began!

Earlier in the year I had the pleasure of hosting a residency for the Artist A.Goodwin. Her current Phd research had culminated in an extraordinarily beautiful archive of work, creating huge intricately folded pages which now need storage . I’m binding a flat copy of the work into a book (the dimensions of which are somewhat challenging for my studio) and boxes for the folded original artwork.

Sadly the arrival of my new studio friend, the guillotine, despite its absolute beast of a size is not going to be any help with the book and boxes as the dimensions are just too out of this world! Although, that said, it has helped in a way, as the pallet it arrived on in now forming part of my new extended work bench, necessary for the oversized work. but my first port of call for the book was to acquire a huge ruler and large clamps - the old fashioned guillotine!!

Though it cannot help me with the current project the guillotine is my new pride and joy – and with the extra lime green paint I had to hand I couldn’t resist a little personalisation. It is an ‘Ideal’ and in great working order, it’s taken me a while choose – but with an 8cm cutting depth I was sufficiently seduced and finally ready to commit.