Cutting Corners [Meticulously]

I’ve been making archive boxes and an oversized book (A1) for artist A.Goodwin. She needed five (Five being a very important number for her project) long archival clamshell boxes for the original art works (we had previously exhibited in my space) and one book to contain her research.

Working on a large scale meant completely changing my workspace, I needed bigger everything, and there never quite seemed to be enough surface area. Thankfully, although slightly longer arms would have been a bonus, the principles were all very much the same.

One of the most satisfying things was that often I’m making only one of anything, so I was able to get into a real rhythm with the clothing of the boxes, and loved meticulously cutting corners as I went along. For this I'd like to shout out to the LCBA who make this incredible corner cutting triangle which makes the three dimensional cutting of the cloth a thousand times easier. I don't know how I managed without it. ( )

As with everything I do, I put so much love into them, I didn’t want to let them go! I didn't even help the artist carry them to the car. But, truth be told I always think it’s a good thing I want to keep the work.

They’ve now off, with their precious cargo safely stowed inside, to some pretty important meetings. Here’s hoping they get the job done!