Christmas Miracles

I’ve started working in earnest on my next design project – it’s a collaboration with a writer who I adore. I approached them with the idea a while ago, since then it’s been bubbling away: stolen meetings, coffees, red-velvet cakes [all refreshments were both necessary paid for]. I’ve been putting it together in the background of other projects, slowly working with the text to find the shape I think works best for it. The script has been pieced together from audio recordings – while late night making in the studio – I’ve been listening and contemplating, while cutting yellow corners.

It’s another performative binding and because the design and material choices are, for me, intertwined, I’m making tweaks to the document while thinking about how it’s made. I like holding paper in my hand before I commit to a choice - I’m in that wonderful stage of receiving samples everyday. It’s like Christmas, parcels arriving – colourful envelopes, free stationery  pouring into my greedy impoverished artist fingers [I’d heartily recommend anyone in the market for an envelope getting samples from Envoprint – specifically Daniel - who was – not only charming on the phone - but had the good grace to put two mini bars of Green & Black chocolate in amongst my bundle – a studio miracle]

I’ve got instincts for how it will look – but for now it is in that glorious stage of possibility, of flux – and undoubtedly needs, some more stolen meetings, coffee and cake before it can be put to bed. 

sample corners.jpg